Vermilion Cliffs

Bonal Springs Rim and One Toe Ridge, Paria Plateau, Vermilion Ciffs NM, AZ

Moab - Northwest

The Very End, Moab, UT


Jeep trail on the Bookcliffs (Start from Tusher Canyon), Bookcliffs, UT

Florence Junction and Phoenix

Log Corral Trail, Fountain Hills, AZ

San Rafael Swell South

Temple Wash & Mining Trail, San Rafael Swell, UT

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Moab - Northwest

Rainbow Rocks Trail, Moab, UT

As we had some time left on our way back from Rock Canyon Point, we headed down onto the Rainbow Rocks (Rainbow Terrace) trail. Coming from Dubinky Well Road the …

Spring Canyon Point, Moab, UT
Moab - Northwest

Spring Canyon Point Road, Moab, UT

  In march, 2015 we had some time left and thought, we will do some easy run that day. It has been a long time, since we last drove Spring …

Home 66
Moab - Northwest

Hidden Canyon Overlook-, Hidden Canyon Rim Escape- and Bartlett Overlook-Trail, Moab, UT

As we had bad weather in the Swell this day, we moved to Moab, UT for some nice and scenic 4wheeling adventures. Our target was Hidden Canyon Overlook. From there …

Home 67
Moab - Northwest

Ten Mile Point, Moab, UT

It was our last day in Moab, so that we did not want to do a more difficult trip. Our vehicle had a damaged suspension, so that we wanted to …

Fins & Things, Moab, UT
Moab - Northeast

Fins & Things, Moab, UT

Below, you can see some pictures of a trip on Porcupine Rim, Fins & Things and Mini Lionsback in Moab, UT. A big thank you to Alan and Bill for …

Home 68
Moab - Northeast

Top of the World, Moab, UT

On my way back to San Francisco I had some time left and stopped by in Moab to do Top of the World. This trail was earlier rated as moderate …


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