Moab - Northwest

Ten Mile Rim Trail, Moab, UT

Moab - Northwest

Rock Canyon Point, Moab, UT

Vermilion Cliffs

Spider Butte, West Clark Bench, UT

Moab - Northwest

The Very End, Moab, UT

Moab - Northwest

Gemini Bridges, Crisp Hole and Four Arch Canyon, Moab, UT

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Moab - Northwest

The Very End, Moab, UT

As we are visiting the north west region of Moab quite often, we tried to find this time an old trail to a view point above the Green River, which …

Arch Canyon Rim, Moab, UT
Moab - Northwest

Long Canyon Road and Four Arch Canyon Rim, Moab, UT

  Last year, I went into Four Arch Canyon and visited Crisp Hole. In Four Arch Canyon, I did not spot all four arches. So this time, we wanted to …

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Jeep trail on the Bookcliffs (Start from Coal Canyon), Bookcliffs, UT

Last year we did this trail on the Bookcliffs first level, starting from Green River, UT and going up via Tusher Canyon. There we saw the upcoming trail from Coal …

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Moab - Northeast

Top of the World, Moab, UT

On my way back to San Francisco I had some time left and stopped by in Moab to do Top of the World. This trail was earlier rated as moderate …

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Moab - Northwest

Bowknot Bend Overlook, Moab, UT

Here I want to give a short trail description to an overlook over the Green River. It is Bowknot Bend Overlook. Based on Jack Bickers nomenclature it should be no. …

Horizon Arch, San Rafael Swell, UT
San Rafael Swell South

Horizon Arch, San Rafael Swell, UT

  Horizon Arch is one of the most spectacular lookout points in the complete San Rafael Swell. It is easy to reach on a dirt road and after a boring …


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